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You are here: HomeWorld cartoon museumsAzimzadeh Cartoon Museum /Azerbaijan

Azimzadeh Cartoon Museum /Azerbaijan

Azimzadeh Cartoon Museum

The formation of the cartoon as an independent genre in Azerbaijan takes place at the end of XIX and beginning of XX centuries. Today we have to say with pride that "Molla Nasraddin" being well – known throughout Muslim East and at the same time the first and only satirical journal was published in 1906 just in Azerbaijan.

Today the independent activity of the Union of Cartoon Artists in Azerbaijan, the creation of "The Cartoon" section in Azerbaijan Artists Union, the teaching of the subject " The Cartoon History" at Azerbaijan State Culture and Art University, varios satirical journals published in the Republic and the recent foundation of Azerbaijan Cartoon Centre, certainly, serve to get the cartoon genre known and promote it in the end.

And the functioning of Azim Azimzadeh's memorial house, being the first cartoonist artist of Azerbaijan and the dearest person of each Azerbaijan and cartoon – lover is the striking example of our State's attention and care for this kind of art and of course, people's love to the cartoonist artist. Azim Azimzadeh was a great man, citizen, figure and genius artist who really loved his people, homeland and was affected towards this kind of art with all his existence and morality.

In 1922 - 1931 Azim Azimzadeh was an art director of the journal "Molla Nasraddin" and took part with his cartoons almost in all the newspapers and journals published in the country.

About 3000 people visit the museum every year. The majority of them are the worshippers of Azimzadeh's creativity, the guests of our country, young artists and students{jcomments on}.

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  • Hello
    I am the Secretary of The Australian Cartoon Museum Inc. At present we only have a website and are hoping to establish our own Cartoon Museum in Melbourne, Australia. We have a collection of 3,000,000 Australian Cartoons and we need a home for them.
    Would someone involved with your Museum be able to give us some advice please?
    We are trying to write a business plan/proposal to present to our Government to ask for a building and some funding. We are interested in some of your experience in setting up your museum, how did you finance it? We are trying to work out costs to include in our plan. Also would you have any advice on how to keep a museum running. Any help you could give us would be much appreciated.
    Aina Crawford, Secretary, The Australian Cartoon Museum Inc.

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