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Cartoon Museum Basel /Switzerland

Cartoon Museum Basel

The Cartoon Museum Basel is the only museum in Switzerland devoted exclusively to satirical art- ranging from the caricature to the comic. Thanks to its important collection of almost 3,400 original works and its curated, thematic and/ or monographic exhibitions of original art, it has gained the position of a competence center for the art of the satirical drawing. The Cartoon Museum documents, communicates, promotes and explores the satirical drawing through alternating audience- friendly exhibitions of an international standard, which publicly present its collection in inspiring surroundings and stimulate and promote interest in this art among a wider public. Equal attention is devoted to classical as to contemporary works. Through an up- to- the- minute choice of theme and the inclusion of related areas such as comic, illustration and animation, the museum seeks out topical trends and so works with an eye to the next generation of visitors and artists. For this purpose it also networks with other international museum, institutions and personalities who devote their energies to the same or related themes{jcomments on}.

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