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You are here: HomeWorld cartoon museumsOffers and Demands Of Cartoon Museums/ Belgium 2012

Offers and Demands Of Cartoon Museums/ Belgium 2012

Offers and Demands Of Cartoon Museums

House of Humour and Satire Gabrovo

List of Participants

Provided by the ECC

European Cartoon Center

Experiences with crowd funding ?

Toonseum Pittsburg, Persmuseum Amsterdam

European Cartoon Center

- Do you have cartoons about the first world war in your collection for a cartoon exhibition in 2014 (remembrance year)?

- Are you interested to host the exhibition at the same moment in different museums (June 2014)?

Cartoon Museum Warsaw, Toonseum,  Cartoon Museum Zemun, Persmuseum, Markiezenhof, Atila Ozer Cartoon House, Fayoum Caricature Museum Egypt, Turan Selcuk Cartoon House

European Cartoon Center

Exhibition of prize-winning Belgian cartoonists – 60 works

Atila Ozer Cartoon House, ... Cartoon House, Toonseum

Anadolu University cartoon art museum

Can we use cartoon archives for educational purposes such as in the books published by our university

ECC, ... Cartoon House, Portocartoon, Persmuseum, Fayoum Caricature  museum

Anadolu University Cartoon Art Museum

Proposal of exhibitions from Turkish cartoonists on various themes

Fayoum, Toonseum, ...


Exhibition ‘how the world sees the US’ – can you sent us some cartoons for that exhibition (September 2013), negative or positive

Fayoum, Persmuseum Amsterdam, Warsaw, Porto, Markiezenhof, ECC


Offer Performances, cartoon workshops, exhibitions of US artists and animation (workshop and storytelling)

Fayoum, Atila Ozer Cartoon House, Warsaw, ECC, Porto, Markiezenhof, Persmuseum, Holon

European cartoon Center

Educational program for young children 3 – 6 years old

Porto, Markiezenhof, ..., Toonseum

Holon Design Museum

Exhibition peace pigeon

Atila Ozer Cartoon House, Gabrovo, Porto, Warsaw, Anadolu University, Toonseum, ECC

Fayoum Caricature Museum

Residence for cartoonist

(Toonseum),  Warsaw , Anadolu University, Portocartoon, ECC

Fayoum Carticature Museum

Is there is someone who can help us with digitalizing our collection?


European Cartoon Center

Offering web pages to publish all activities of the world cartoon museums



Offering the platform for the online cartoon museums gallery



Offering different exhibitions (human rights)

Toonseum, Warsaw, Ozer, Anadolu University

Atila Ozer Cartoon House

Virtual exhibition with works of Atila Ozer – 3th of April

Toonseum, Fayoum, ... Cartoon Museum, Warsaw, Porto and ECC

Fayoum Caricature Museum

Interactive Method Mohamed Abla

Toonseum, ... Cartoon Museum, Porto, Gabrovo, Warsaw, ECC


Contact person for contacts with US cartoonists

Cartoon Museum Warsaw

The ball is in the play - exhibition



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