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You are here: HomeResultswinners of 22nd Euro-kartoenale/ Belgium 2019

winners of 22nd Euro-kartoenale/ Belgium 2019

First Prize: Arslan Dogan (Turkye)

Secund Prize: Luis Mecho (Costa Rica)

Third Prize: Jalal Pirmarzanad (Iran)

Best Entry European Union: Andrzej Krawczak (Poland)
Best Belgian Entry: Herwig Beyaert (Belgium
Prize of the ECC: Jean-Loic Belom (France)
There were honourable mentions fo
Listes Nikola (Croatia) 
Mahmood Nazari (Iran) 
and Mikhail Zlatkovsky and Druzihin Valentin of Russia
The cartoon used to promote the campaign was from Agim Sulaj (Italy)

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