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You are here: HomeResultsWinners Of INTERNATIONAL Satirical Picture Competition "Karpik" /Poland 2017

Winners Of INTERNATIONAL Satirical Picture Competition "Karpik" /Poland 2017


Grand Prix: Paweł kuczyński (Poland)

Main Awards:

Sławomir Łuczyński (Poland)

Magdalena Wosik (Poland)

 Maciej Trzepałka (Poland)

Special Award Director of the museum of caricatures in Warsaw: Sławomir Lizon (Poland)

Polish Artists Association Award: Bretislav Kovarik (Czech Republic)

Reward Reward Award: Wiesław Finch (Poland)

Reward Reward Reward:: Konstantin Kazanchev (Ukraine)

Reward District Supervisor John Jan Krzesińskiego: Tomasz Rzeszutek (Poland)

Water Reward Emergency: Dariusz Pietrzak (Poland)

National Aid for agricultural support in opole And the prize:  Daniel Banded (Poland) Second prize:  jiri srna (Czech Republic)

III prize : wiesław wojciechowski (Poland)

Castle prize in moszna : Artur Ligenza (Poland)

Honorary Honors (diplomas):

 Guibao Gai (China)

sittipunt tumying (Thailand)

Bobo Pernecky (Slovakia)

Musa Gumus (Turkey)

Ali Shaa ali (United States) Prize (main prize) : Sławomir łuczyński

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