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You are here: HomeNewsCancellation of the First Prize in HumoDEVA / Romania 2017

Cancellation of the First Prize in HumoDEVA / Romania 2017

Dear Artist,
A few days ago, with quite delay, Louis Pol sent to us the drawing you can find below, that was published in the Belgrad 2016 catalog (Zoo), at page 99.

The drawing has a striking resemblance to the drawing below, that we prized at the contest.

We don't accuse Rodrigo da Silveira of plagiarism or something like that, might be a simple coincidence of ideas. But the drawing made by Rodrigo lost its originality, an important quality for a cartoon that's to win a contest.
As a follow up, with regret, having to consider all this, we decided to cancel this First Prize ex aequo awarded at HumoDEVA 2017, Romania contest.
The updated list for the HumoDEVA 2017 prizes can be found here.
From here you can download the HumoDEVA 2017 catalog.
On behalf of the jury,

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