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Dear colleague,

we remember you to participate in 43th edition of UMORISTI A MAROSTICA - Marostica (Italy), the oldest italian festival and one of the best intl cartoons contests with prestigious "International Grand Prix Scacchiera" organized by Gruppo Grafico Marosticense.
As the new artistic directors of Umoristi a Marostica, we expect your works and we thank you in advance to contribute to the success and quality of festival.

Best regards and happy new year
Gióx & Maurizio Minoggio
Artistic directors of Umoristi a Marostica

Gruppo Grafico Marosticense

Attached the regulations and the entry-form (pdf format)

For further information, visit our website or email us:
phone/fax: +39-0424-72150
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Timetable Umoristi a Marostica 2011
Deadline: january 18, 2011
Jury meeting: february 5-6, 2011
Opening and prize distribution: april 16, 2011
Exhibition: april 16 - may 29, 2011

Jury 2011
Massimo Bucchi - graphic artist - President
Matteo Bertelli - illustrator
Ferruccio Giromini - journalist
Valeri Kurtu - cartoonist (Germany)
Elzbieta Pietraszko - Satyrykon organizer (Poland)
Alessandro Tich - journalist
Piero Zanotto - journalist
Gruppo Grafico Marosticense and City Culture coincillor of Marostica
Gióx & Maurizio Minoggio - cartoonists artistic directors of "Umoristi a Marostica


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