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You are here: HomeFestivals2nd Cebu Lampoon Festival International Cartoon Exhibition Cebu / Philippines 2019

2nd Cebu Lampoon Festival International Cartoon Exhibition Cebu / Philippines 2019

Theme: "Human Rights"
1- Category
A. Open Category (Newspaper mainstay or Freelance Cartoonists worldwide)
B. Student Category (Junior High Scool to College students worldwide)
2- Entry Guidelines
- One (1) entry per cartonist only
- The entry should be (8.5x11), jpeg, CMYK, and minimum of 300 dpi
- The entry can be colored or black & white
3- Submission
- State the category
- Include personal profiile and name of school for student category
- Submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Deadline of submission will be on February 20, 2019
4- Selection
- For Open Category, only 100 cartoons will be chosen for exhibition
- For Student Category, only 50 cartoons will be chosen for exhibition
- The  has the right to disqualify
5- Rights and Usage
- The rights for the cartoon remains to its author
- Submitted entries maybe use for promotional poster / video of the exhibition
6- Recognition
- No monetry reward will be given, however, a digital certificate of recognition will be given to the official exhibitors
7- Schedule of Exhibition
- Open Category - March 16-22, 2019
- Student Category - March 12-15, 2019
Organized by: 
Yoyoy Satiristang Bisaya In partnership with:
Campo Santo Design Studio (print & design)
Cartoon Home Network International (social media)
The Quill - official student publication of Southwestern University (student category host)

The venues of exhibition will be announced on 20th of January 2019.

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