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You are here: HomeFestivalsFRANTIŠKOVY LÁZNĚ Cartoon Festival/ Czechia 2019

FRANTIŠKOVY LÁZNĚ Cartoon Festival/ Czechia 2019

Compulsory Subject: HEALTH CARE
1- We accept cartoons only on the topic you entered
2- Total number of cartoons per author: at least 3 pieces, maximum 5 pieces
3- A cartoon must not have won an appraisal at previous competitions
4- Cartoons without words are not a requirement, but they have an advantage
5- Cartoons should only be sent electronically to: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6- Deadline April 30th, 2019
7- The technical parameters should be as follows: at least 300 DPI; JPG-, PNG-or PDF-format
8- By sending their cartoons, the author agrees with the following:a) The organizer can use the cartoons for the promotional purposes of this International Festival of Cartoonsb) The cartoons will be used in the humorous magazine, Tapír

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