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You are here: HomeFestivalsCall -International Poster Exhibition “Genocide In Myanmar”

Call -International Poster Exhibition “Genocide In Myanmar”

Visual Center of Hoze Honari in cooperation with Ravayate-e- Fath Visual Association with the aim of " Condemning systematic Crimes against Myanmar Oppressed People"

Call -International Poster Exhibition “Genocide in Myanmar”


 the west media and assemblies and Human Rights Organizations’ silence on killing the Myanmar Muslims

 Ang Sun Suchi, Noble Prize

Religious and Ethnic Genocide in Myanmar


 Sending artworks is in 2 Sections

First Section: Send us posters that have resolution of 924× 647 pixel with 72 DPI, RGB/ JPEG ( jpg or png file) via email

Second Section: If the poster has been selected in the first section, you will be informed via email, and will be asked to send us the original posters in size ( 70 × 100cm)

 3 posters submission per-participant will be allowed.

 Participation is free for all designers. No registration fee

It's necessary to choose a title for each artwork ( It's better that each artwork send by the name of the designer and please write the title in English Words: eg

( myanmarnobelhamedamoli 1.jpg)

 The secretariat is authorized to publish the artworks.

the selected artworks will be published in a book after the exhibit was held.

Email address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Take Care not to use the symbols of Buddha or Buddhist monk


10 million Rails awarded to the first 5 works + appreciation tablet

 All the participants receive a certification.

Deadline: 2 October 2017

Place of the Exhibition:

Abolfazl Aali Gallery , Hoze Honari

Address :

Visual Center of Hoze Honari, before Hafez ave, Somaye St, Tehran, Iran

Tel:+98 88808103

+98 88895712

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