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You are here: HomeFestivalsInternational Poster Biennale Lublin / Poland 2017

International Poster Biennale Lublin / Poland 2017

International Poster Biennale Lublin / Poland 2017

Deadline: October 15, 2017

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures and Otwarta Pracownia Artistic Association in Lublin have the pleasure to invite you to take part in the third edition of the International Poster Biennale Lublin 2017. Similarly as in the previous editions, we want to focus on posters created by students of art faculties. However, this time we have decided to invite professional artists as well. We really count on your response and encourage you to participate in the competition. The new format of the competition is followed by its new name - International Poster Biennale Lublin. We really appreciate our cooperation with the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, which has joined us as one of the co-organisers of the event.

Posters may be submitted in 3 categories. The first one, A category, is aimed at people who are currently studying and those who have graduated in 2017. In B category all the people interested in poster art or performing it professionally can submit their works. In both categories works can touch upon any subject, but they have to be created after 30 June 2015. Please do not send works that have already been awarded in other competitions (prizes like Grand Prix, first, second or third prize).

As the City of Lublin is celebrating its 700th Anniversary, we encourage you to create posters on this subject. You may submit such works in C category. This category is open to anyone who would like to create posters connected with the City of Lublin.

The jury will award the most outstanding posters. The winners of the student category will be awarded with prizes founded by the Rector of MCSU, professor Stanisław Michałowski, the Dean of the Faculty of Art at MCSU, professor Krzysztof Szymanowicz, as well as the rectors and deans of art academies. Honorable mentions will also be granted. The winners of the professional category will be awarded with Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, and honorable mentions. In the category commemorating the 700th Anniversary of the City of Lublin, the first, second and third prize will be announced.

We also inform that we will issue a catalogue presenting all the works qualified for the exhibition.

The publication will be given to all awarded participants.

The exhibition opening will take place on 1 December 2017.

The presentation of the works will take place in the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin.

Taking into account our experiences from the two previous editions of the biennale, as well as observing other posters competitions, we have decided to perform the competition through online voting. The authors of qualified works will be asked to send their works. For those interested in having their works printed in Lublin, there will be such an option.

The list of participants qualified for the exhibition will be announced on and websites, after the jury proceedings, no later than on 31 October 2017. The awarded participants will be informed via email or telephone.

Prizes and mentions

The following prizes are going to be awarded

A Category

Grand Prix founded by the Rector of MCSU, Gold Medal founded by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at MCSU, Silver and Bronze Medals (awarded by other art faculties and academies)

B Category

Grand Prix, Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal

C Category

First, second and third prize.

Honourable mentions and additional sponsored prizes may be awarded in each category

How to apply

Stage 1

First of all, you have to register on our website. Digital registration is necessary.

How to prepare files:


File format: JPG

Document color mode: CMYK

Dimensions: width 70 cm x height 100 cm, 180 dpi lub 5209 x 7441 px (±8%)

Orientation: portrait

Stage 2

You will be informed (31.10.2017) about the results of the qualification process on your accounts and e-mail.


Qualified posters must be delivered until 15 November 2017.

Send your printed works carefully secured (in a tube) by mail to

IPBL Poster Biennale

Department of Fine Arts Maria Curie-Sklodowska University

Aleja Kraśnicka 2b

20-718 Lublin,


with a "Print matter. Non-commercial value" and "IPBL 2017" postscript

Remember to print the stickers and attach them to each work

The sticker can be downloaded here

We also are able to print your posters in Lublin. If you want to use this option please contact us. We'll send you further information.

This option will be available after 31 st of October. Approximate cost of print – 35 PLN / 10 USD

Key Dates

01.07.17 — Competition Opens

15.10.17 — Competition Closes // All digital submissions must be received by midnight.

31.10.17 — All names of shortlisted participants who will feature in the exhibition will be publicised. Participants being considered for the exhibition will be contacted to submit physical posters.

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