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You are here: HomeFestivalsCOMPETITION for 15 Th Comic Showroom VELES /Macedonia 2017

COMPETITION for 15 Th Comic Showroom VELES /Macedonia 2017

COMPETITION for 15 Th Comic Showroom VELES /Macedonia



- The competition is open to all comic artists from all over the world.

- Entries must be 1-6 pages long. If the entry is only one page long it must have at least 5 panels.

- Entries must be sent in A4 format (21x29,7cm). Please send only quality print copies (least 300 dpi). The submitted prints will not be returned!

- No specific theme is set.

- The storytelling in the comic can be written in any official language.

- Each visual artist (pencil, inker, colorist or letterer) can take part with only one submission, while each scenarist can enter with more than one submission.

- The same comic entry can be submitted by more than one artist.

- Each participant must send: photography, short biography, personal address, telephone, e-mail and additional info of the year when the comic is made. Without this the submission will not be evidenced!

- All submitted comics will be presented properly and will take part in the official comic showroom in Veles; and will be considered for other possibilities of promotion as stated in the Comic Centre’s policy(exhibitions, promotions , review “CREATOR”

- With the act of submission the author/s is/are passing the rights of publishing in any form to the Comic Centre of Macedonia: through exhibitions, promotions , review “CREATOR”

- The entries will be reviewed by three member international jury.

- The jury will give the following awards:

1st award: “Golden Comic”, 200 EU and Diploma;

2nd and 3rd award: Diploma;

Best scenario award: Diploma;

Award for the youngest author: Diploma;

Award up to 18 years: Diploma.

- The deadline for entries is September 20th, 2017.

- The comics can be sent via postal service or e-mail.

Postal address: Comic centre of Macedonia

“For the comic competition”

Vasil Gjorgov Street 78

1400 Veles This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(For more info: + 389 075 666 979(viber

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